giovedì 7 marzo 2013

Model Expo Italy 2013 Verona

In the last weekend, I visited the Model Expo Italy in Verona where I met the CLV Brick Team Verona, the Verona's AFOL group. I was able to see a little City Diorama with the fantastic trains made by Helos, a few set of Star Wars, including the 1079 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon and the 10188 Death Star, a few Technic set of different ages and the awesome reproduction of a side of Piazza Erbe, a famous Verona's square. Congratulations to the boys of CLV for the stand and to Helos for his fantastic trains.
Nel weekend appena passato, ho visitato il Model Expo Italy in Verona dove ho conosciuto i ragazzi di CLV Brick Team Verona, il gruppo di AFOl scaligeri. CLV Brick Team Verona ha esposto un piccolo diorama City con i bellissimi treni di Helos, vari set di Star Wars, come il 1079 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon o la 10188 Death Star, vari set Technic di epoche diverse e la bellissima ricostruzione di un lato di Piazza Erbe, una piazza veronese. Complimenti vivissimi ai ragazzi di CLV per lo stand e ad Helos per i suoi fantastici treni.

Verona - Piazza Erbe

Diorama City
I treni di Helos


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Anonimo ha detto...

Saw an enthusiast guy full of strenght over there in the Expo. He's undoubtedly a brick enthusiast and a future promise in building up Lego events.
Play Modena is also waiting for you dear fellow from the City among the mountains. ;-)))
The show is growing up. Keep on bricking!!!
See you soon. SteveH.